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A student course packet is a set materials which a professor/instructor compiles to provide or supplement reading materials for the course he/she teaches. A course packet typically includes the syllabus, relevant reading materials, laboratory assignments and homework assignments. However, since you, as the professor/instructor, are assembling the course packet, you can customize your packet with the materials of your choice and in the order of your choice.

Once you have assembled your course packet, simply submit it to us and we'll digitally "clean" your documents (at no extra charge) and produce your packets and have them available for your students to purchase. The Copy Centers offer a variety of binding and finishing options to meet any special needs you may have. We'll even supply you with a free desktop copy of the course packet for your use. Contact us for your next course packet order.

Download Course Packet Publishing Information Brochure
Tips and information on compiling your course packet.
Case Study: Campus Copy Goes Digital - Cuts Course Pack Cycle Time In Half


Benefits and Features:
No cost to professors or teaching assistants
Complimentary desk copy available
Digitially Remastered - Excess toner/black and spots removed digitally and document "straighten."
Customize and streamline your reading materials.
More cost-effective than having students purchase multiple textbooks.
Easy to reproduce to meet unexpected demands.
A digital master is created and electronically stored for easy reproduction of your packet in future semesters.
Free delivery for local students with disabilities.
Worldwide shipping available.
APO/FPO shipping available via US Postal Service.


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