Color Laser Copying and Printing

With The Copy Centers' large arsenal of color laser printers, we are able to offer fast, same-day service with economical pricing, making short to medium runs of full-color printing affordable. Our full-color digital production systems produce consistent, outstanding color very quickly.

If you're planning a full-color offset print run, consider the quantity and quality advantages of our print-on-demand system. Quantity can be adjusted to suit your immediate needs, and a single color proof can tell you immediately what to expect. You'll find The Copy Center's color laser technologies take color accuracy and brilliance to new heights.

Our color printers can print on a variety of paper stock, as well as transparencies. It is ideal for jobs you wouldn't normally consider for quality of color, including: covers, real estate ads, product displays, architectural and interior site plans, transparencies, brochures, menus, newsletters, business cards, invitations, greeting cards, promotional rack cards and 3-D promotional displays.

The full-color printing solution that we offer makes The Copy Centers among the leaders in reprographics for businesses and professionals.

Contact us and ask how you can energize your documents with eye-catching colors.

Benefits and Features:
Output generated from color hardcopy or digital files
Single- or double-sided copies
Competitive pricing for runs of one to 1,000 pieces
Output up to 12" x 18" paper
Wide paper stock selection available
Reduction and enlargement capabilities
Color consistency
Same day service on most orders
Worldwide shipping available



COLOR. It's better for business
According to researcher Ronald E. Green, he notes in his book, "The Persuasive Properties of Color" that color visuals increase willingness to read by up to 80 percent and increase motivation and participation by up to 80 percent!

Also, according to color expert Jan V. White's book "Color for Impact", reader

Perceive color presentations and printed publication 60% better than black and white.
Reduce visual search time by up to 80% with color coding.
Increase attention span up to 82% longer when viewing color
Understand presentation 70% better when color is used to highlight the pertinent details.
Increase recall by 60% with color educational materials and training manuals.
Identify brands 70% more effectively when color is added.

Nothing announces your presence more powerfully than color. It ties together all your business communications, in all media, and is essential for professional proposals, reports and presentations. The Copy Centers color laser solutions produce brilliant, true color output. Photographs reproduce accurately. Designs, effects and logos retain their integrity. Your prints are consistent. Your presence is felt.



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