Media Duplication and Conversion

The Copy Centers has in place technology to duplicate or convert your video, audio, or data media. With our media duplication service, simply supply us your original media and we'll duplicate the content onto another media of your choice. The most common type of duplication is video transfers from VHS or 8mm tapes to VHS tapes or CD's to CD's. We also duplicate standard and microcassette audio tapes.

Need it digitized? No problem. We can digitize your video or audio and save them in one of the industry standard file format. This allows for easy playback from any available computer. Click here for more information on audio and video digitizing.

You simply supply the original to be copied and we take care of the rest.

Benefits and Features:
Professional grade media
Printed labels
Worldwide shipping available

Accepted Media Source Type Available Digital Output Formats

Standard Audio Cassette

Audio Microcassette
Floppy Disk
Zip® Disk
.mp3 (audio only) 
.wav (audio only)
.rm/.ram (RealPlayer® format)
Data CD
Audio CD



Regular & Sugar-Free
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Campus Location.
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Domestic & International
Next Day & Priority Shipping Available

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